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  1. Equipment Set-Up: All equipment will be provided on site, this includes bowling shoes. Players who bring their own shoes and/or ball must have this equipment approved for play by on site coordinator.
  2. Game Day: Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes early so that the games can commence on time. All players are expected to change into proper bowling shoes and are allowed a couple warm up throws during this time. Matches are 2 hours in length, and 3 games are to be played in that time. If a team fails to complete all three games during the two hours, the score up till the completion of the two hours will be the final.
  3. Team Format: Teams are comprised of a minimum of four (4) players to a maximum of five (5) players.
  4. General Rules: (for the most part, all standard 5-pin bowling rules will apply)
    1. Each team of up to 5 players will have their own lane for two hours.
    2. Each match will consist of 3 games, with each participant bowling 10 frames per game for a total of 30 frames.
    3. During each turn, a bowler has 3 chances to knock down all 5 pins.
    4. All of the details regarding scoring will be explained on-site. Scoring is the responsibility of each team and is done by hand.
    5. At the end of each game teams will add up each players score for a cumulative team total.
      NOTE: If your team has 5 players, the top four player's scores count toward the final team total.
      NOTE: Similarly, if your team has only 1, 2 or 3 players, then only those scores will count.
  5. The league standings will be determined by each teams cumulative point total.
  6. The season will be 12 weeks in length. Each player will have the opportunity to play 36 games in total.
  7. The regular season will consist of nine (9) weeks and playoffs will be three (3) weeks in length.
  8. Danforth Bowl Regulations:
    1. No alcohol is to be consumed while taking a shot or standing on the hard wood floor bowling lanes directly. All other areas of the Bowlerama are permitted for alcohol consumption.
    2. Please drink responsibly and plan on using the very accessible public transit.

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